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ICT Rockstars at consulting

ICT Rockstars at consulting

What do athletes, rock stars and astronauts have in common? They’re all masters at their craft. At Vita, our frontline team members, in our various channels are constantly striving to master what they do: to consult with our customers and clients to deeply understand them, and provide them with solutions that uncover value they didn’t know existed. 

The key point of difference to the way we consult at Vita is our emphasis on discovering who our customers are, and how whole, holistic solutions can add value to their lives.

There are many examples of how we consult and the solutions we provide as a result, can have an impact on the lives of our customers. Here’s just one:

Earlier this year, a customer walked into one of our stores to enquire about the transition to the National Broadband Network (NBN) in her area. Our consultant sat with her to explain the process, and whilst doing so, took the time to review the customer’s account to ensure her needs were being met.

During the conversation, our team member asked a number of questions in line with our consulting model. It came out in the conversation that the customer’s daughter has learning difficulties and struggles to do her homework.

After thinking through the options, our consultant suggested a solution that would help the customer’s daughter do her homework by acting as a resource for her to easily ask questions, research topics, and gain useful tips and advice. The customer purchased the product. A few days later, she returned to the store to thank our consultant. The customer described the way the solution has helped her daughter with her homework and spelling.

More importantly, she shared how this product has given her daughter independence, and a sense of pride in doing her homework unassisted. She told us: “this has changed both our lives.”

Anybody can sell a product, but we’re about more than that at Vita – we’re about truly consulting with our customers to understand their needs and to deliver solutions that enhance their way of life. This focus will be core to our success in 2018 as we strive to become masters and rock stars in the way we consult with our customers. 

Vita Group is a leading provider of brands that enhance people’s way of life. We are proven experts in delivering exceptional, personalised experiences and products that solve our customers’ current and future needs.

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