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Giving back through the Vita Foundation

Giving back through the Vita Foundation

In FY17, we aimed to donate $350,000 through the Vita Foundation and we’re proud to say that we smashed that goal, donating $417,198 to 125 charities and ‘profit-for-purpose’ groups in need.

We achieved this through four ways:

  1. Payroll Giving: Our team members donated $20,656 to causes close to their hearts by giving a set amount of their pay every fortnight to their charity of choice.

  2. Peer Fundraising: Our peeps also banded together to support local community initiatives and charities, including True Grit, where we raised $17,000 for Act for Kids.

  3. Volunteer Day Off: Team members took advantage of our volunteering options, including one paid day off per year, per person to volunteer for causes close to their hearts.

  4. Grants Program: Our inaugural grants program, where team members can nominate an organisation in their community for a grant of up to $10,000, saw $105,000 awarded to ten groups.

It’s more than just dollars though, it’s the impact we’ve made. Just take our hero charity, Act for Kids as an example. Thanks to the Vita Foundation, Act for Kids has delivered their child safety education program, Learn to Be Safe with Emmy and Friends to 19,218 children. That’s 19,218 children who’ll now grow up with a better chance to recognise when they’re in danger, and know who they can talk to about it.

The Vita Foundation goes to the very heart and soul of what we do at Vita, which ultimately is to add value to peoples’ way of life. We are absolutely committed to giving back to our communities and to helping make a difference, with one per cent of Vita’s net profit after tax going to the Vita Foundation to donate to community groups and charities in need.

FY18 marks the third year for the Vita Foundation. To date, we have given over $730,000 to more than 125 charities – an amazing achievement for all our generous Vita peeps. But we’re only just getting started. Keep an eye out for the Vita Foundation in 2018, where we’ll be continuing to do everything we can to help change peoples’ lives for the better.

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