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Introducing the Vita of today

Introducing the Vita of today

In today’s age of rapid digital innovation, disruption and entrepreneurship, if you don’t adapt and evolve, you don’t survive or thrive.

This mindset isn’t new to us at Vita. We’ve been on a journey of evolution right from the day we first opened our doors in 1995 with one Fone Zone telco store. Since that time, we’ve grown from a privately listed start-up mobile phone retailer, into a publicly listed retailer operating five brands across three sectors.

Along the way, we rebranded to Vita Group to better encompass our growing network of brands. Latin for life, Vita was chosen as it best described our core purpose, which is to enhance our customers’ way of life.

While the name Vita remains highly relevant, the Vita Group of today is different to the Vita Group of twenty-three years ago (or even five years ago for that matter!). We’ve introduced new brands, entered new markets and expanded our existing portfolios.

Put simply, we’ve evolved and it’s important that we send that message to all of our stakeholders.

So, with that in mind, our own in-house Brand and Communications team has been hard at work revitalising the Vita brand to deliver an identity that better reflects where we are today. We couldn’t be happier with the final result, which is a more dynamic, bold and modern Vita Group……. Just like us really! 

In Group Creative Director, Rory Ross’ words: “The Vita brand is deeper, richer and more contemporary. It brings our name to the forefront, giving us a stronger presence, while at the same time keeping that effervescence and energy that’s uniquely Vita.” 

Bolder, brighter and more refined, our new brand better reflects the many brands we now encompass while still resonating with our wide range of stakeholders, from our Vita peeps, through to our customers, clients and shareholders.

It successfully brings us into the now whilst still paying tribute to the steps we’ve taken to get to here, and sets us up strongly as we enter the next phase of evolution for Vita Group.  

Vita Group is a leading provider of brands that enhance people’s way of life. We are proven experts in delivering exceptional, personalised experiences and products that solve our customers’ current and future needs.

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