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What we learnt from CES 2017

What we learnt from CES 2017

The Consumer Technology Association held its annual Consumer Electronics Show® in Las Vegas from the 5th to the 8th of January, with companies from across the globe coming together to unveil their latest gadgets to more than 170,000 attendees.  

Our General Manager of Sprout Accessories, Ben Caddy was lucky to be one of those in attendance and here’s what he took out of the four-day innovation extravaganza.

Televisions are getting bigger and thinner: One 65 inch TV on display was so thin that it was half as thick as an iPhone. The aim is to make TVs blend more seamlessly into living spaces, with both LG and Samsung unveiling products that looked more like wallpaper and pieces of art. The only downside is that connections (HDMI) have had to be redesigned and housed separately from the TVs as they’re too thin to have them built in.

Self-driving cars are the future: This is no longer just a pipe dream; many companies including Toyota and BMW are now well advanced in this space and are already conducting on road trials, so prepare to see more developments in this space throughout the year.

Connected homes: There was real development in security and voice activation technologies for the home, with companies unveiling home appliances from vacuum cleaners to fridges and even bins that can be controlled by voice commands. Technology was also unveiled that lets you control your washing machine and ovens from your smartphone, as well as pre-heat the water temperature of your shower.

Virtual Reality (VR) is huge: So many companies are now exploring opportunities in the VR space but one that really stood out was NextVR’s work with the NBA, selling virtual court side seats to their games, giving viewers the feeling like they’re at the game, even when they’re watching from home.

LG is doing impressive things with 3D technology: Along with showcasing its impressive slim line TVs, LG also revealed that it’s been working on some amazing 3D photo technology for its phones where users can take a photo and view it in 3D with no glasses required.

Fitness trackers and devices have evolved into clothing:  Fitness trackers have extended far beyond the watch, into headphones, shoes, helmets, rings and even built into clothing, monitoring everything from your heart rate, steps and vertical leap.

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