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CEO Blog - Motivate your way into 2017

CEO Blog - Motivate your way into 2017
 Well February’s here! Arguably the toughest month of the year for feeling motivated.

I know it’s only 28 days, but to most of us, February feels long. In most of Australia, it’s hot. The Christmas glow has worn off, leaving some of us with steep credit card bills. And knowing that we have an entire year ahead of us, with our next holiday too far away, can leave us feeling pretty flat.

I’ve been there before – unmotivated and not sure what to do next. It’s not a great feeling but let me tell you, it’s a feeling that you need to shake quickly if you want to succeed.

So how do you do this? Well…it’s all about motivation and endurance. In my experience, the key to driving motivation is to first and foremost – enjoy and value your work. Or, as one of our Vita Group values says: Love what you do.

We try very hard at Vita Group to ensure our team members enjoy and value their work – that they love what they do – because we know if they do, they’ll find purpose in their careers and have a positive attitude and these two things go a long way in driving motivation – just look at what it did for the New England Patriots in this year’s Super Bowl.

The New England Patriots came back from a 28-3 deficit in a historic win over the Atlanta Falcons – persevering where many other teams would have given up. Some would argue that this was because they were driven to win … and sure, that definitely played a part. Ultimately though, I think it was their love for the game that motivated them to overcome the many setbacks and challenges the game threw at them and that kept them fighting right up to their winning touchdown.

You find your purpose and create a positive attitude and subsequent motivation from aligning your goals, personal values and the type of work you do. I felt that when Vita Group was in its early days. I may have been doing the most menial tasks, but the thought of doing them for myself helped me to get through many long days of work. That gave me energy that took me through some hectic years of being a young mum and building a business.

So my advice for February? Take a moment to reassess why you do what you do, or more simply put – find your purpose. From there your passion, energy and motivation will flow. Finally, make every day count – as Tom Brady said, when explaining the recent Patriots win: “You just have to play to the end!”

With this mindset…months like February go by in a flash!

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