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Vita Foundation - Supporting Orange Sky Laundry

Vita Foundation - Supporting Orange Sky Laundry
At Vita Group, we know that sometimes it just takes a simple concept (and a lot of hard work!) to make real change. Our foundation, the Vita Foundation, exists to help those charities where we can help deliver real change. Orange Sky Laundry is one of these amazing charities. 
Best mates Nicholas Marchesi and Vita Group-alumni, Lucas Patchett, had a vision to raise health standards, restore respect, and reduce strain on resources for the homeless. They wanted to provide a vehicle for conversations, opportunities and education… literally!  
So in 2014, they set up the Orange Sky Laundry charity, to provide a free mobile laundry service for the homeless community to wash and dry their clothes. Since then, they have expanded this service to nine vans across Queensland, New South Wales, ACT, West Australia, South Australia and Victoria (with Tasmania launching soon), and earned themselves the title of 2016 Young Australians of the Year along the way.  

Servicing parks and drop-in centres across 62 locations in Australia, Orange Sky Laundry is a simple concept with a big impact. An added bonus is the conversations that are stimulated between their team of over 600 volunteers and their homeless friends while the clothes are being washed. To date, there have been over 29,000 hours of positive and genuine conversation. 

Nicholas and Lucas have plans for further expansion, including the use of tablets and phones in the vans so people can connect to the internet while they’re waiting on their clothes and Orange Sky Laundry can deliver training programs to connect them back with the community. This added service could mean so much to someone who wants to reach out and take control of their livelihood. 
It’s a great cause – but of course it costs money to set up and to run.  

So the Vita Foundation is pitching in. We’ve donated $15,000 to Orange Sky Laundry for data costs so that they can provide the tablets without having to worry about data for a year or two. 

We’re also giving Orange Sky Laundry another $15,000 to use wherever they need it most. 

“Nic and I have been blown away by the generosity of people all around the world and believing in our idea. The $30,000 contribution from the Vita Foundation will have an incredible impact in delivering our service all around Australia and in continuing to expand and develop Orange Sky and helping our friends on the street,” Lucas Patchett, Orange Sky Laundry 

The Vita Foundation’s aim is to make a difference to those who need it most. We hope that our support of Orange Sky Laundry will help them to make the lives of Australia’s homeless that little bit better.  

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