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Looking back on Vita in 2017 - the year of consulting

Looking back on Vita in 2017 - the year of consulting

The Christmas and New Year season is my favourite time of year. For me personally, it’s about three things: looking back on the year gone by; enjoying time with family and friends; and looking forward to the year ahead.

If I had a word (or maybe two words!) to sum up Vita in 2017, it would be consultative selling, which is one of Vita’s core competencies. Conversations, mindset, insights, mastery, they all form part of consultative selling, and it’s what we’re aiming to be the best at in the country.

Taking it one step higher, consultative selling is part of consulting: that is, being an expert in your craft, having a conversation, understanding the needs, and providing a solution. While consultative selling is probably most visible in our ICT channels, we do this in all of our brands at Vita.
Our SQDAthletica team spends a great deal of time getting to know their customers and their local community, and as a result, is building a strong and loyal following.
Our support team is focused on understanding the needs of the business and gathering the right data to provide expert solutions to their stakeholders.
Our Sprout team is working with other businesses to share insights about how their products can add value.
And of course, our newest team members at Clear Complexions spend a great deal of time consulting with their clients. For them, getting the consult right is critical because the outcome is physical for their clients.
As a result, we’re seeing a shift in the way people think of Vita. Rather than being seen as ‘just a telco’, we’re now starting to be viewed as a ‘consultative sales organisation’ – a company that goes above and beyond to add value to our customers’ way of life.
We plan to take this to the next level in 2018, which looks to be another big year for the Australian retail landscape. Amazon has launched, connected homes will increase in popularity, and our customers will have more options available to them than ever before.
This means it will be even more important that the team at Vita become experts at consulting with our customers, delivering exceptional experiences and creating value for them, our communities, our shareholders, and our team.
So, that’s my goal for 2018. Until then, take care, stay safe over the festive season and see you next year.

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