Why Vita is a great place to be?

Why Vita is a great place to be?
Why is Vita Group a great place to be?


At Vita, we are always striving to outperform our competitors. We've created a goal orientation environment, where our individual team members take pride in achieving their goals and we celebrate and reward their successes.


The energy you contribute to your work environment is as important as what you contribute. In a customer centric environment a positive attitude goes a long way. So we choose our attitude and encourage everyone to "Love what you do" everyday.

Reward & Recognition

We want to reward you in a way that encourages you to be the best you can be.
  • For some, this might be club success
  • For others, it might be a grant for a personal non-commercial project or community organisation of your choice
We want to recognise the hard work that you put into Vita
  • For some, it might be an award in front of your peers at the annual Gala Dinner
  • For others, it might be a personalised letter from the CEO

Focused Structured Environment

To ensure our team members are successful and our customers receive a consistent great experience, we provide clear structure and process. With this structured environment, we give you the freedom to love what you do allowing you to bring your passion and personality into what you do.

Opportunities to Develop

We aspire to providing an environment where individuals can grow and develop so that you can be the best you can be.
  • For some, this might be becoming a master in your role, e.g. a retail sales master
  • For others, it might be developing your leadership skills and running a store, area or state.

Respect & Trust

Central to the Vita Group are its core values. They guide every decision that we make and we encourage you to learn them and live by them.

We want you to know that we trust and respect you to make the right decisions. We want to make sure we have your trust that all 'decisions are made with the benefit of the whole team in mind'.

Management Quality

We aspire to have capable leaders throughout the Vita Group. This means they have ability to build and maintain a high performance team culture that makes Vita Group a great place to be for our team members, customers and shareholders.
  • There are various leadership development programs on offer for performing team members with the potential to take their first step into leadership or for those looking to take their next step in leadership.

Vita Group is a leading provider of brands that enhance people’s way of life. We are proven experts in delivering exceptional, personalised experiences and products that solve our customers’ current and future needs.

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