Develop Your Careers

Vita is focused on developing our people and creating a depth of talent. Our goal is to grow our team members’ skills, knowledge and attitudes so that they are equipped to drive results and opportunities for our group and for themselves, both today and into the future.
We achieve this through providing our people with mentoring opportunities, the chance to undertake ‘career days’ to learn more about other roles in the business, and through our comprehensive learning programs and academies that include:
Standing for ‘Customers Are Really Everything’, CARE underpins everything we do in executing our strategy – providing our team members with processes to ensure they achieve excellence in the three key areas of: Planning and Coaching, Personalised Service and Community Engagement.
Retail Academy
Our Retail Academy is designed to help our sales consultants to continually learn, grow and develop into ‘grand masters’. A twelve-month program, the Retail Academy helps us to track where every team member is in their learning journey, what they still need to do to master their role and whether they’re ready to progress into their next role.
Frontline Leader
Frontline Leader is a twelve-month leadership course for our most promising talent, who we believe are ready to take on the challenge of leadership. It provides participants with access to mentoring, workshops and practical learning experiences to help them progress to the next level in their careers.
Emerging Leader
Emerging Leader is a twelve-month leadership course for those already in a leadership role who we believe have the capability to move up to a position where they are ‘leading leaders’ and again provides participants with mentoring, workshops and practical learning experiences to help them become influencers.
Flourish is our exclusive growth and development portal for team members. Accessible online and through a mobile friendly app, Flourish is a go-to resource for team members looking to upskill, take on a new challenge, move into a new role, or simply learn more about themselves and what Vita has to offer.

Vita Group is a leading provider of brands that enhance people’s way of life. We are proven experts in delivering exceptional, personalised experiences and products that solve our customers’ current and future needs.

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